California Voters: Choose Your Pain May 19

Remember when, on some rare occasion, the correct answer to a test question in school was “all of the above”? I happen to believe that much of life outside the confines of a classroom is like that. Each of us perceives an aspect of a given political or social problem on which we base a set of mostly valid observations. What we have less time and patience for are the dots we have yet to connect.

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A Cocoon of their Making

What does one make of it when two successful people who have everything to live for throw it all away? This question comes on the heels of a highly tragic and bizarre story written by reporter Chris Lee of The Los Angeles Times* about a New York art world “It” couple who in July committed suicide within days of one another, for reasons that are unknown aside from speculation over a shared obsession with the evils of Scientology (according to an alleged 27-page conspiracy “chronology”, written in October 2006 for a never-filed lawsuit, implicating everyone from an ex-girlfriend to actor Tom Cruise, the latter of which, according to the Times, the couple had never met).

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