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The science is settled: Recovery from a prior COVID-19 infection confers durable immunity as compared to vaccine-acquired immunity. Notably, internal CDC guidelines following the Biden administration’s recent vaccine mandate acknowledges naturally-acquired immunity as a valid reason for an exemption. By contrast, most of the American workforce impacted by President Biden’s vaccine mandate will not be eligible for an exemption based on natural immunity. And that begs a question: Why are federal health regulatory agencies permitted to “follow the science” whereas Americans who do not work for a federal public health agency are at risk of losing jobs, scholarships and potentially even the ability to continue to feed and shelter themselves if they fail to comply with vaccine mandates that do not account for COVID-19 status? Why is this important? Because injecting a person with a vaccine shortly after they have been ill with a virus for which a particular vaccine is given creates a health risk known as “hyperimmune response”. For this reason, CDC does not recommend that those recently infected with COVID-19 vaccinate. The problem with the president’s vaccine mandate is that it also fails to account for those who are ineligible to vaccinate because they have had COVID-19 within the past 90 days. In summary, not only is it unnecessary to vaccinate those who have recovered from a recent COVID-19 infection, it may even be dangerous. If science — not fear — is guiding the Biden administration decisions, the president must rectify the fact that one-size-fits-all mandates are inappropriate for everyone and potentially unsafe for some.

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A shocking new study from Israel compares the protection offered by vaccine-induced immunity versus natural immunity from a previous COVID-19 infection and finds the latter offers far more robust protection from infection, symptomatic disease, and hospitalization.

Natural immunity confers  much longer lasting protection

Directly comparing 16,215 previously COVID-19 infected individuals to 16,215 fully vaccinated individuals, 10 physicians  (Gazit et al., 2021) preliminarily report (pre-print) fully vaccinated people are (a) 13 times more likely to be infected with COVID-19, (b) 27 times more likely to be symptomatically infected, and (c) 8 times more likely to be hospitalized than unvaccinated people with a prior COVID infection (natural immunity).

“This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity.”

Image Source: Gazit et al., 2021

Other studies (Dan…

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The world has gone crazy. How do we count the ways? Politics. Social media. Pandemic. So much is coming at us on a daily basis that it is difficult to sort it out. But that does not mean we should not try.

Take Los Angeles Times writer David L. Ulin: He has embarked on the first step toward a post-Trump presidency recovery — by admitting what many have not: Trump Derangement Syndrome is a genuine phenomena. “For five years I believed — I still believe — that Trump represented an existential threat to the republic,” Ulin writes. “One way or another, though, we’ve all been traumatized by the Trump administration and the lawlessness and cruelty it encouraged or enacted as policy.”


Donald Trump’s participation in the “Save America” rally on January 6, 2021 confirmed worst fears: that the former President would not abide by a peaceful transition of power, a crucial element in a democratic Republic.

In a presidency marked by controversy, the Capitol breach stands apart — and rightly has been broadly condemned. Few supporters, for that matter, deny that the stream-of-consciousness Tweeting Trump often dug his own pits into which to fall. Time and time again, Trump departed from the usual presidential speechwriters and handlers to directly engage the public in unscripted, fact-check free, off-the-cuff remarks. For all his criticisms of “fake news“, he apparently has never met a TV camera or a microphone he did not like — all of which qualifies the former president as a loose cannon in the truest sense of the word. Still, there comes a time when one must step back. A new administration has been ushered in. And yet before we can move on — in order to move on — a less emotionally-charged look at the Trump presidency is in order.

For leaders who are looked upon more favorably, the long view of history may nonetheless bring to light significant, yet lesser-known, failings. In Donald Trump’s case, however, no stone has been left unturned in effort to call out his many flaws in real time. Consequently, recovery from TDS requires the counter-intuitive: Refrain from giving Trump more credit — power — than he deserves.


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